Best Films of 2018, According to Ryan

Game Night

This was the first movie I saw with a MoviePass, and what a fun ride it turned out to be. Great cast, excellent story concept, and an ending I truly didn’t see coming.

The Strangers: Prey at Night

I usually don’t go in for modern horror, but couldn’t resist after reading it was a sendup of the ‘80s slasher genre. Loved the vintage feel and soundtrack.

Love, Simon

This was such a delight to watch. A truly groundbreaking film and there was a definite John Hughes vibe as well — can’t get any better than that.

The Old Man & The Gun

This movie felt like a Saturday morning at your grandparents’ house that hasn’t seen a major renovation since the ‘70s or ‘80s, and I mean that in a most positive way. Robert Redford gave a flawless performance; Sissy Spacek did a commendable job as well. I loved the chemistry between the two.

Bad Times At The El Royale

Bad Times was effervescent, joyful, and a toe-tapper from beginning to end. It has a marvelous soundtrack and a top-notch cast.

Three Identical Strangers

This was one of the most fascinating documentaries I’ve ever seen. Beautifully produced and unbelievable subject matter.


I loved the Chicagoan atmosphere, as well as the constant twists and turns. Its lack of Oscar nominations is beyond outrageous.

Green Book

A heartwarming gem of a film. I loved the incredible chemistry between Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen.

Mary Poppins Returns

This was a joy in every conceivable way; I ended up going back for an encore. Snappy, inspiring songs and enjoyable for all ages.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

This documentary conveyed such a beautiful message. So many of the lessons Fred Rogers taught are just as relevant today (perhaps even more so). Love your neighbors, love yourself; everyone has inherent value. I truly enjoyed it.

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