“Bad Samaritan,” Imperfectly Thrills Audiences, David Tennant Stands Out

Courtesy of Electric Entertainment
Courtesy of Electric Entertainment

Bad Samaritan stars Robert Sheehan as Sean Falco, a young Irish immigrant who is trying to find stability and earn extra cash, which he does by resorting to theft and home intrusion while covering as a valet. He has a mother and brother, as well as a stepfather he doesn’t always get along with. His best friend, Carlito, is also his accomplice. And he has a girlfriend he’s madly in love with. His and Carlito’s operation is going well and they haven’t been caught, but they’re still looking for that big break that’ll set them up for good.

Everything changes one night with one bad decision. David Tennant, also known as the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who, stars as the cold and intimidating Cale Erendreich. Erendreich is a wealthy playboy with no regard for order, except that which he’s made up in his own mind. The experiences of his past have shaped him into the man he is now, which will soon prove to be deadly. After arriving at the restaurant Sean and Carlito valet for, in an Aston Martin no less, he becomes the target of their scheme. It’s Sean’s turn to get the job done, and so he sets out to make a profit.

After Sean has arrived at Erendreich’s house, using his car’s navigation system, he enters and starts to go through the house. It’s a sterile and overly neat environment, showing no signs of having been lived in. Sean eventually finds his way to the office, and that is when he makes a horrifying discovery.

Cale Erendreich is keeping a young girl captive.

What follows is blowback from this discovery. Erendreich finds out his secret has been exposed and now the hunt is on. He devises a game to keep Sean on his toes, and nobody is safe –– Sean’s family, best friend, and girlfriend are all in danger, so what will he do? And will Cale Erendreich get away with it all?

Courtesy of Electric Entertainment
Courtesy of Electric Entertainment

Bad Samaritan is a film which imperfectly thrills audiences, but it is still much better than recent releases of the horror/thriller genre, such as Winchester and Insidious: The Last Key. Robert Sheehan’s performance is convincing and he does a good job of pulling the audience to his side. However, it is David Tennant who steals the show with his role. Tennant, as Erendreich, is ruthless and crazy-eyed. He keeps viewers on edge, as they try to figure out what he’s doing and, most importantly, what he could do next.

Kerry Condon also plays a supporting role, as Katie, the girl Erendreich has been keeping captive. Her performance is well done. At one point, even, she delivers a laugh out loud moment that audiences respond positively to, despite this not being a comedic film.

While not wholly original, the story is simple and to the point, and that is perfectly fine. It still makes for an enjoyable viewing experience and continuously keeps the audience in suspense.

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