‘Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween’ Is Enjoyable, Escapist Fare

Courtesy of Firespire Productions & Arrowstorm Entertainment

Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween is a delightful Halloween romp the whole family will enjoy.

High school senior Mary Eldritch (Chelsea Jurkiewicz) spends most of her nights delivering food for a service similar to DoorDash and has grown distant from her friends. She is also dealing with an increasingly conflict-filled relationship with her parents (Colin Cunningham and Hailey Smith), especially her father.

After repeatedly delivering food without a tip to the same customer every night for a week, she gets into an argument with the man. Later that night, a monstrous creature attacks and kills the man.

Mary and her friends, Harvey (Tanner Gillman), Steve (Harlem Medina), and Georgia (Ariana Bagley), begin experiencing strange occurrences at night and discover an ancient Irish entity has been unleashed on their town. Desperate to save everyone, they band together to learn the truth about the creature before it’s too late.

Filmed in Utah, Curse of Crom has a fairly simple storyline and special effects are minimal — but it’s a solid story and comic relief is plentiful throughout.

Based on the awesome movie poster art and overall tone of the movie, it seems like the filmmakers were going for an ‘80s Goonies-esque vibe with a late ‘90s Disney Channel Original Movie feel thrown in for good measure. They succeed on both fronts.

There is nothing overly complex here, but it’s definitely some good escapist fun to watch around Halloween. My only beef is the storyline with Mary’s parents; a little too serious for a film like this. It felt out of place. 

I give Curse of Crom: The Legend of Halloween three and a half stars.

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