‘Only Murders in the Building’ Is A Brilliant Mash of Talent

Courtesy of Hulu

Premiering exclusively on Hulu, Only Murders in the Building stars Selena Gomez as Mabel, Steve Martin as Charles, and Martin Short as Oliver in a brilliant mash of talent that brings these stars together for an entertaining, wildly amusing, and introspective show about a strange obsession many of us share – true crime.

This trio of strangers, on a seemingly uneventful night after they are evacuated from their apartment building, run into each other and quickly connect over a podcast episode they are all listening to that night. From there, the hunt is on when they return to their building and make a discovery that excites these characters, as grim as the event is, and they just cannot shake it off. Due to this excitement, something creative is born out of it when they take advantage of being near the scene.

Comedy duo Steve Martin and Martin Short utilize their decades of comedy and acting expertise to create a new and fresh tale with millennial Selena Gomez, who further proves her own capabilities as an actor. The unlikely group strikes a balance with satire and drama, as they bumble around the building while also seeking to grapple with their own personal struggles and secrets in life. And, as different as they are all from each other, their shared interests and circumstances bring them together with ease and charm as they learn who each other are and why they do what they do.

The series really latches on to a growing phenomena with a massive fanbase. True crime, while always popular to a degree, has exploded in recent years with countless podcasts, television shows and movies, books, and news coverage all focusing on the grisly and uncomfortable topics of murder and violence. Similar to the show’s characters, the profound fascination many people have has also brought them together to social media platforms and events to discuss and celebrate the genre.

Only Murders in the Building taps into this fanbase and the growing portfolio of true crime entertainment, as it rightfully should. Critical and audience responses upon the show’s three-episode release have been immensely positive and the strong start is promising as we wait for rest of the series to unfold and these character’s lives and motivations become clearer.

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