‘Love, Victor’ Is Bolder And Better In Its Second Season

Courtesy of Hulu

Following the mini-controversy over Love, Victor’s placement on Hulu and its exclusion from Disney+, there were questions about the visibility of the series and why it wouldn’t be appropriate for the Disney-specific streaming service. Well, nearly a year later, the second season is getting ready to premiere on Hulu and some of those questions have been answered. Having been able to screen the series in full before it becomes available for streaming, this season is undeniably bolder and better than the last.

Love, Victor picks up right after Victor comes out at the end of the first season and now he is dealing with how is family is dealing with the revelation and Victor is having to come to terms with how, and when, he is going to publicly express himself to others, such as his classmates and those on his basketball team.

So, the good news is that season two has a home at Hulu and, in comparison to the first season, this one is pushing the envelope in the content that is being delivered. It’s sexier and a little bit more mature, which likely would not have happened had the show actually ended up on Disney+. It’s not as safe and innocent now that Victor is able to be the better version of himself.

Just look at this teaser that Hulu pushed out a few days ago:

Michael Cimino gives a charming and sweet performance as Victor while navigating his internal struggles and insecurities in navigating his sexuality and still trying to figure out the life he is going to lead. Now, a little more out of the closet, Victor is able to express himself and his blossoming relationship with Benji (George Sear) is explored further after the characters express their feelings for each other in the season one finale.

In season two, we also get to see more of the other characters and what they are dealing with, most notably Felix (Anthony Turpel) and Lake (Bebe Wood) explore their relationship with each other and viewers are able to learn more about their lives, especially Felix’s and what he is dealing with at home.

New to the cast is Rahim (Anthony Keyvan), joining the and working to find his own reconciliation with his identity, especially considering that he’s been raised in a conservative Muslim family. Rahim is not too unlike Victor and the similarities they find allow them to strike up a quick friendship.

Love, Victor truly finds its stride in this season and there are clear intentions for the story of Victor and his friends to continue on in the future. My hope is that this will be capitalized on and we will be able to see where Victor goes in the years to come.

Season two of Love, Victor premiers on Friday, June 11th, 2021.

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