‘The Lovebirds’ Is A Fun Date Night Flick

© Skip Bolen / Netflix
© Skip Bolen / Netflix

Jibran (Kumail Nanjiani) and Leilani (Issa Rae) have been together for four years and constantly bicker like an old married couple. While on their way to a dinner party, the two agree to end their relationship. They are distracted by the breakup, which causes Jibran to run a red light and hit a cyclist with their car. The man refuses any help and flees the scene.

A man with a mustache (Paul Sparks) suddenly shows up, claiming to be a police officer and that the man on the bike is a criminal. He takes control of the car and pursues the cyclist, but after catching him runs the cyclist over with their car multiple times, ultimately killing him. Mustache is then about to shoot Jibran and Leilani to death, but nopes out of there after hearing police sirens. Jibran and Leilani then flee the scene themselves and figure out what the next steps are.

Jibran wants them to turn themselves in, but Leilani argues that their incredibly unbelievable story and racial profiling from police officers will ensure they end up being blamed for the crime. Having taken the victim’s phone, they see he had a planned meeting at a bar with a woman named Edie (Anna Camp). Leilani feels that Edie will know who the man is, which will allow them to find out who the killer and clear their names. The two then set out to find the truth, encountering all kinds of danger along the way.

The best part of The Lovebirds is the undeniable chemistry between Nanjiani and Rae. Keep in mind this is not a deep film meant to invoke a great sea of thought. The plot is basic and nothing new, but the performances are great and the humor level is overflowing.

It’s a fun date night flick that is filled with some truly ridiculous situations. The world is so crazy right now and a movie like this is just what the doctor ordered. Settle in for a couple hours and prepare to be thoroughly entertained. The Lovebirds is available on Netflix.

I give The Lovebirds three out of five stars.

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