“The Incredibles 2,” Entertains Audiences Of All Ages

Photo by Pixar - © 2017 Disney Pixar. All Rights Reserved.
Photo by Pixar – © 2017 Disney Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

Nearly fourteen years later, The Incredibles finally gets the sequel that fans have been asking and waiting for. With the June premiere of The Incredibles 2, audiences are now able to see the next chapter in this family’s adventure as they navigate life as supers and figure out how to deal with the laws that have made them illegal. And, with kids who are in school and a baby whose powers are soon-to-be discovered, it’s not going to be easy.

As Bob and Helen Parr, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl respectively, will find out, an opportunity comes up that may make supers legal again and allow them to fight crime out in the open. Faced with being homeless and further consequences by law enforcement, they take it up. But it’s Helen that is asked to carry out the first job, so Bob, after years of working and supporting his family, is now faced with staying at home and taking care of the kids.

In staying at home, Bob is stressed, overworked, and tired. Being Mr. Incredible, he has to get everything done and do it the best way, even if it kills him. But he is determined to prove that he can do the job of caring for his kids and keeping his home together.

Helen, meanwhile, is out saving the day, which makes Bob incredibly jealous. She will soon meet a foe, know as the Screenslaver, that is formidable and difficult to catch because of the technology they are using. Much like the original movie, it will require the family to get the job done together.

The kids are being kids. Dash has school and lots of homework, Violet wants to date and Jack-Jack is still a baby, but now he’s turning into a super-baby and that catches everybody by surprise. More than their parents, it is these three characters that entertain and bring the story together for some good, wholesome fun. Jack-Jack’s scenes, in particular, bring out the most laughs and are incredibly fun to watch. He is the star.

Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios have created a wonderful sequel worthy of following The Incredibles’ first onscreen adventure. It’s a movie that entertains audiences of all ages, showing experiences and struggles every family faces. It would not come as a surprise if a third installment is announced, but could it be another fourteen years? Only time will tell.

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